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It was early summer and set sail. Wofly Technology’s team is usually busy with work, working hard in their respective positions, in order to let everyone go out and expand their horizons, strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of goal, honor and mission of team members to the organization, and establish positive relationships among employees. On the morning of April 17, 2021, Wofly Technology launched a two-day and one-night team with the theme of "team connection, team communication, team cohesion" Build outreach activities.

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In this team building, everyone has no grievances, releases all interference from the outside world, breaks the existing established rules, and starts again. After a series of short ice-breaking warm-up games and group display activities, the team building activity officially kicked off.

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"Flying Team", "Flying Dragon Team" and "Tengfei Team" Team Display

The "Challenge No. 1" game allows everyone to work together and tacitly cooperate, the "Excellence Circle" game allows everyone to pay attention to the details of the harvest method, the "joint advance and retreat" and "inspiring flying" games inspire people and let everyone feel the power of unity, cooperation, equality and mutual assistance. The unfamiliarity and poor coordination at the beginning, until smooth coordination is achieved after running-in and mutual adaptation, although not every time can be directly succeeded, but after repeated trials, it can be successfully completed. Every game brings everyone closer together, and the smiles on their faces become brighter.

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Challenge for No.1

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Circle of Excellence

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Advance and retreat together

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Drun for fly

Each game project is of extraordinary significance. It is a method and activity to hone the will, cultivate sentiment, improve personality, and melt the team by examining the organization ability, communication ability, collaboration ability and adaptability of the Wofei team. Through these project activities, we promote mutual trust, understanding, tacit understanding and cooperation.

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Birthday party

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The final project of the team building is to climb over a 4.3-meter-high "graduation wall" without any auxiliary props, without any external help, and it is impossible to climb up alone by relying on it alone. The only way to get past is to rely on 30 Wofly Team strength. In this process, the Wofly team is like a big family. Both boys and girls are contributing their own strengths, building ladders and lifting groups. The partners have powerful shoulders, a pair of lifting hands, one by one. Suffocating and flushing face, everyone is climbing up with the strength of the people around them, and they are also doing their best to help other friends get to the top of the wall.

In the end, the Wofly team completed this seemingly impossible task in only 5 minutes and 37 seconds, and moved towards a victory that belongs to Wofly Everyone has truly felt the team strength of " If several people are of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal. ".

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Graduation wall

Escaped from busy work for a short time, and collided with the team outdoors to produce more whimsical ideas and sincerely moved. This team building is more like a family trip. Although short, it is full of emotion and joy. Memories can't be recorded with photos, only footprints are left on the land you reach, and laughter and laughter are left on the places you pass by. In the future, Wofly Technology will continue to work hand in hand to challenge different problems, overcome different difficulties, always maintain integrity and kindness, without losing the original intention and love, and waiting for the blooming of flowers in the impetuous society.

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Post time: Jun-03-2021