Hydrogen Argon Oxygen 200bar Automatic Changeover Manifold

Short Description:

Inlet pressure: 200bar

Outlet pressure: 12bar

Flow rate: ≤100m³/h

Outlet Pressure Adjusting range: 220VAC/50Hz

Rated Current: 3A

The Way of Alarm: sould and ligh alarm

Control Equipment: PLC with pressure transmitter

Box Size: 550mm H X 400mm W X 1900L

Weight: ≤20kgs

Product Detail

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Automatic manifold system is designed to provide an uninterrupted gas supply without any manual adjustments. This system automatically changes over when the primary cylinder bank is depleted. Even in case of power failure, the system continues to supply gas without interruption. 


Fully enclosed, temper-resistant metal cabinet
Light indicators provide system status
Systems for fuel gas come with an anti-explosion device
External filter facilitates replacement of filtration elements
Silver brazing on piping joints for maximum leak prevention
System is designed to accommodate future expanision needs
System is mounted with gas filters
Pressure switch port available
Headers have been tested to withstand high cylinder pressure
Wall or floor mount available

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