1inch 1.5inch 2inch 3inch Irrigation Water Control Valve with Timer

Short Description:

1.  LCD digital display, easy operation, you can set up Group 16 irrigation programs, depending on your needs, self setting, time, quantity, water-saving irrigation, saving time, effort more peace of mind.


2.Three kinds of low voltage power supply (1.5V battery, 1.5V solar power charge battery, AC100-240V power conversion adapters), depending on the occasion, freedom of choice, safety and energy saving


3.Installation is simple and convenient, fully furnished, can be directly connected to the faucet, municipal water pressure can be used.


4.using ABS plastic, packaging transparent casing, double seals, waterproof and antifreeze (waterproof IP68) fell corrosion-resistant, safe and reliable


5.Memory and remote control options, power restoration without reset program, remote control signals that can be received within 15 metres of 6 and 4 min, 6 min, threaded interfaces flexible docking, easy connection, wide range of applications.

Product Detail

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size inlet /outlet size:3/4″;1″; 1-1/2″; 2″; 3″;
Display LCD, Standard time,Status of irrigation control, memory function
Power AFK100..A:9V AAA dry battery  AFK100..B:solar power+ rechargeable battery
Irrigation time Minimum:one minute, maximum: 9hours and 59min
irrigation frequency min irrigation once a days,max. 16times a day,the longest once for 30days
working pressure 0-400KPA
working temperature 0-40℃
Set Procedure Single/multi procedure, routine, cycle, single day, many days.
Switch Automatic /manually.

Solenoid valve microcomputer intelligent programmable control technologies, according to individual needs, can be set independent irrigation programs, even if it was not on the scene, simply turn on the tap, you can automate watering and irrigation. Easy to install, easy to understand, low voltage, safe energy, suitable for home small areas such as balconies, roofs, Garden watering plants automatically spray.





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