Special Gas Rack

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Name: Double cylinder gas cylinder rack (GR)

Specifications: Double process gas cylinders, semi-automatic switching

Model: GR-W200

Cylinder rack size: W650 wide x D500 deep x H1800 high
Purge: self-purge

Process gas outlet: 1, 1/4″MVCR or 1/4″ card socket interface

Disk surface specifications: 1/4″ disk surface

Standard equipment: anti-corrosion mechanical frame, undervoltage alarm, explosion-proof control cabinet, main material SS316L

Control cabinet size: W650 wide x D230 deep x H320 high
Control cabinet power supply: 220VAC, 50HZ, 25W, leakage protection

Operation interface: 4″ key display
Optional: Process gas cylinder weight monitor, leak alarm, remote cut off, process gas overpressure
Alarm, panel heating and temperature control device, alarm signal, SMS and telephone notification. Add foreign exchange
The flow tube can be changed to a multi-process gas cylinder for use



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Can be divided into single cylinder (1process) / double cylinder (2 Process) / three cylinder (2 Process + 1 N2)

1. The design of single steel is usually used in research institutions or laboratories. The process has not yet been mass-produced, the gas consumption is small, and the site can be coordinated and stopped at any time to replace the cylinder has the advantages of saving space and low cost, but it requires daily management and coordination to avoid losses due to interruption of the process.

2. Double-steel and Sansteel are often used in mass production plants, and the process is not allowed to stop. When–the steel cylinder is used up, the other-the spare cylinder will be automatically switch to gas supply. The biggest difference between these two forms is that the purified nitrogen in the purge pipeline is supplied from a steel cylinder or the factory end. When the purge uses a PN2 system

–When supplied by the factory, all special gas supply systems, regardless of whether they are compatible, are all connected to the same supply source, there is a higher risk value. In case the PN2 of the central supply system is interrupted and the alarm system is damaged again, it happens that two incompatible gases use purge at the same time. An explosive event can occur, and the same nature can use the same cylinder to purge.

The increased cost and space are very limited, which is a very good thing way of contingency.

3. The cost of Sangang gas holder will not be worse than a lot, and the safety will be the best, as long as the space permits, it should be the first choice.


Suitable for college laboratories, materials analysis laboratories, chip semiconductors, photovoltaic solar cells, biomedical engineering, microelectronics new materials etc.

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