Stainless Steel 316 Single Cylinder Gas Panel Manifold

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Pressure Regulator for special gas

Equipped relief pressure valve

Pressure regulator and pipe through the pressure test and leakage test

2 stainless steel gauges,reading clearly

The knob of diaphragm valves “on/off” logo

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It is used in the double-sided high-pressure gas cylinder to reduce the pressure supply. It can be continuously switched on both sides  to achieve continuous gas supply and purge function. The maximum input pressure can reach 20.7Mpa(3000psi), corrosion resistance, clean shop assembly test, gas analysis Such as high purity gas.

Materials of Construction

1.Body: stainless steel


3.Inlet Connection: 1/4″tube fitting, 1/4″FSR, 1/2″FSR

4.Outlet Connection: 1/4″ tube fitting , 1/4″FSR

5.Body of Diaphragm Valve: stainless steel


1. Max. Inlet Pressure:3000, 2200 psi

2.Max. Outlet Pressure:25, 50, 100, 150, 250 psi

3.Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 74°C (-40°F ~ 165°F)

4.Flow Rate: see flow Curve Chart

5.Pressure Regulator Leakage Rate: 2 x 10-8 He

6.Cv: 0.08

pressure regulator media

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