3inch 4inch Low Pressure Water Irrigation Solenoid Valve 24v

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1.Material: regular plastic
2.Water temperature: ≤43°C
3.Environment temperature: ≤52°C
4.Service voltage: 6-20VDC ( 24VAC, 24VDC optional)
5.Pulse width: 20-500mSec
6.Coil resistance: 6 Ω
7.Capacitance: 4700uF
8.Coil inductance: 12mH
9.Connection: G female thread
10.Working pressure:0.1–1.0Mpa
11.Flow range: 5–60m³/h
12.Operation mode: valve element lock position,valve open, release position, valve close.


1.pilot operated diaphragm  structure,nilon reiforced

2.double filltration to protect the solenoid core.

3.water proof coil.

4.close slowly to prevent  the water harmmer.




1 material   nylon plastic body, NBR seal
2 Fluid   water
3 Fluid temperature   ≤43°C
4 Environment temperature   ≤52°C
5   Service voltage   6-20VDC(can be order latching type coil), 24VAC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC
6   Pulse width   20-500mSec (only for latching type)
7   Coil resistance    6 Ω
8    Capacitance   4700uF
9   Coil inductance   12mH
10   Connection 300P:3” (BSP female,flange connection)400P:4” (flange connection)



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