The Installation of Afklok Tube Fittings

As shown in the figure, this is tube fitting and it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no welding, widely used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, scientific experiment, electrical engineering, etc. We should have seen it, and it is composed of three parts: front ferrule, back ferrule, nut. The installation method is very simple. When the ferrules and nut are inserted into the fitting body on the steel pipe, when the nut is tightened, the front end of the cassette is fitted with the fitting body, and the inner blade is uniformly bites seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal. . But we need to pay attention to some matter when installing, and we introduce you how to install it. 

The Installation of Afklok Tube Fittings-1

1. Pre-installed

1.1 The pre-installation of the compression tube fitting is the most important place, which directly affects the reliability of the seal. A special preloader is generally required. The fittings with a small pipe diameter can be pre-installed on the platform. Specific practice is to use a fitting body as a parent, tighten the nut and ferrules. Mainly there is a straight union, union elbow and union tee. We found that even the same batch of the same manufacturer, the depth of the cone hole in these fittings often causes leaks, and this problem is often overlooked.

The correct approach should be, what kind of fitting body is used in one end of the tube, and the corresponding connection is pre-installed with the same type of connector, which can minimize leak problems.

1.2 The end surface of the pipe should be quite. After the tube saws, it should be grounded from the tools such as grinding wheels, and the burr is removed, washed and purged with high pressure air.

1.3 When pre-installed, the coaxial degree of the tube and the pipe fitting should be kept as much as possible, and if the tube is too large, it will cause the seal failure.

1.4 Pre-installed is not too big. The inner blade of the card holder is just embedded in the outer wall of the pipe, and the card holder should not have obvious deformation. When the connection is conducted, the force is assembled according to the specified tightening force. The tightening force of the φ6-10mm card is 64-115 N, φ16mmm 259N, and φ18 mm is 450N. If the card sleeve is severe in the pre-assembled, the sealing effect will be lost.

The Installation of Afklok Tube Fittings-2

2. It is forbidden to add packing such as sealant. In order to obtain a better sealing effect, it applied to the sealed adhesive on the cassette. As a result, the sealing gum was rolled into the hydraulic system, resulting in a malfunction of the hydraulic component damping hole.

3. When connecting the tube, the tube should be sufficiently deformable to avoid tension stretching.

4. When connecting the pipeline, it should be avoided by lateral force, and the lateral force will cause a seal.

5. When connecting the pipeline, it should be tight in one time, avoiding multiple disassembly, otherwise the sealing performance will be deteriorated.

Post time: Aug-19-2021