Knowledge of Laboratory Gas Pipeline

At present, with the continuous increase of laboratory equipment, the placement of gas cylinders has become a big problem. It is not safe and unsightly to put it indoors, and it also takes up a lot of space. In buildings without elevators, the handling of steel cylinders in high-rise laboratories is also a big problem.

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In response to this situation, a gas pipeline project was derived. The cylinders can be concentrated in a safe and convenient place, and various required gases can be introduced to each room through the gas path. According to the needs, the control box of the on-off valve, pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve, and gas flow meter can be installed in the room, which is safe, convenient, beautiful and space saving.

In the design and installation of laboratory gas pipeline engineering, the advantages of using centralized gas supply to transport high-purity gas are as follows:

1. Maintain gas purity

The dedicated gas cylinders are equipped with flushing valves to eliminate impurities introduced every time the gas cylinder is replaced and to ensure the purity of the gas at the end of the pipeline.

2. Uninterrupted gas supply

The gas circuit control system can switch between gas cylinders manually or automatically to ensure continuous gas supply.

The gas pipeline control system can switch between gas cylinders manually or automatically to ensure continuous gas supply.

3. Low pressure warning

When the air pressure is lower than the alarm limit, the alarm device can automatically start the alarm.

3. Stable gas pressure

The system adopts two-stage pressure reduction (the first stage is regulated by the air supply control system, and the second stage is regulated by the control valve at the point of use) to supply air, and a very stable pressure can be obtained.

4. High efficiency

Through the gas supply control system, the gas in the cylinder can be fully used, the residual gas margin can be reduced, and the gas cost can be reduced.

5. Easy to operate

All the gas cylinders are concentrated in the same location, which reduces operations such as transportation and installation, and saves time and costs.

7. Reduce the rent of gas cylinders

The use of a central gas supply system can reduce the requirements for the number of gas cylinders, thereby saving the rental and purchase costs of gas cylinders.

8. Reduce molecular sieve loss

Controlling the gas purity can effectively reduce the amount of molecular sieve used by several parties (cost savings).

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9. No gas cylinders in the laboratory

The use of a central gas supply system means that there is no gas cylinder equipment in the laboratory, which has the following advantages:

—-Improve the sense of security, gas cylinders may cause gas leakage, fire and other dangerous situations.

—-Improve safety, the gas cylinder may fall to the ground and cause damage or injury.

---Save space, remove the gas cylinder from the laboratory to free up more experimental space.

The above is explained by the editor of Wofei Technology: the general regulations for the design of industrial gas pipelines in clean plants, I hope to provide you with reference, if you need to know more about the design and installation of industrial gas pipelines, please

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Post time: May-27-2021