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How do pressure regulators work?

Oxygen pressure reducer is generally a pressure reducer for bottled gas. When the inlet pressure and outlet flow change, ensure that the outlet pressure is always stable. An increase in the reading of the low pressure gauge may indicate potential hazards and hidden dangers.


Reasons for using gas pressure regulator

Because high pressure is not required during welding and gas cutting, and the pressure stored in the cylinder is very high, there is a big gap between the two. In order to adjust the high pressure gas in the cylinder to the low pressure during operation and keep the low pressure stable during use, a gas pressure reducer shall be used.

Function of gas pressure regulator

1. Pressure reducing function The gas stored in the cylinder is depressurized through the pressure reducer to reach the required working pressure.

2. The high and low pressure gauges of the pressure reducer indicate the high pressure in the bottle and the working pressure after decompression.

3. The pressure of the gas in the pressure stabilizing cylinder decreases gradually with the gas consumption, while the gas working pressure is required to be relatively stable during gas welding and gas cutting. The pressure reducer can ensure the output of stable gas working pressure, so that the working pressure transmitted out of the low-pressure chamber will not change with the change of high-pressure gas pressure in the cylinder.

Operating principle of pressure regulator

As the pressure in the cylinder is high, while the pressure required for gas welding, gas cutting and use points is low, a pressure reducer is required to reduce the high pressure gas stored in the cylinder to low pressure gas, and ensure that the required working pressure remains stable from beginning to end. In a word, the pressure reducer is a regulating device that reduces high pressure gas to low pressure gas and keeps the pressure and flow of output gas stable.

Post time: Oct-12-2022